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In order to become an MFTA recipient, your organization must meet the eligibility requirements.

Could your organization or school already be a member?  If you are unsure, please contact us:

  • All organizations can send inquiries to
  • Before applying as a NYC DOE school – please contact our Education Department at to see if your school is already a member. If it is and you include your DOE e-mail address, we can add you to the school’s account.  We need to know what you teach as well. 

If your organization/school is not a member, then fill out the application provided below.

For all NYC Public Schools, do not apply as an individual.  The following format must be used:

  • NYC DOE [insert school DBN here] – Name of school
    •  Ex: PS 110 in Manhattan should apply as: NYC DOE M110 – PS 110
  • All NYC DOE employees must apply by using their DOE email address and school’s physical address. Home and personal email addresses cannot be used to process DOE applications. If you are not the principal, you must include their name and email address with the online application.

For Fiscally Sponsored organizations or individuals, the following format must be used:

  • Name of Organization/Individual – Name of Sponsoring Organization
    • Ex: John Doe’s Playhouse – Fractured Atlas

Once the initial application has been submitted, an email will be sent to you with the next steps.

Review the Recipient Application Guidelines for Materials for the Arts

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